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Stage School Classes


Our Stage School & Drama classes are designed to bring out the superstars in your children. Each class focuses on teaching the craft of acting and drama for stage along with singing and musical theatre. With emphasis on improvisation,character building,script work , role play, acting skills, voice projection,performance skills and  speech & diction.


All students get the opportunity to perform in our Christmas showcase and our annual variety show along with other event opportunities throughout the year.

Class Times:

Please note our class times are under review due to the current guidelines set out by the government. If you are interested in taking a class, lease email us. 

Why choose Thunderstruck Stage School?

Why do children travel to our studio in Santry when they have so much choice, the answer is simple, at Thunderstruck each child is a star. We are one big family where everybody knows your name and every child gets the chance to shine at the front. Our main aim is to teach the art of performing by instilling confidence in each student, giving opportunities and helping them to create life long friends and memories. 

We cover a wide range of dance, drama and singing styles with an emphasis on fun and creativity. 



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