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Dance with your heart,

and your feet will follow.


Why should you take a dance class?


Dancing builds confidence, social skills, discipline,


When you sign up for classes here at Thunderstruck you'll get to choose from a number of different styles in either a recreational setting, or if you are the more serious dancer, try our competitive programmes. We have a class or programme that will suit any dancer. 


All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in their genre. Many of our teachers are currently working professionally in the industry.


Here at THUNDERSTRUCK, we prize ourselves on offering a well rounded dance curriculum in a fun, educational athmosphere.


Every student has the ability and talent to become a star if they work hard, but sometimes they just need somebody to assist them in finding the right path, somebody to give them that extra little push and motivate when it all seems to much, that's what the teachers at THUNDERSTRUCK are here for, Let us train your child to achieve their personal best.



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