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Thunderstruck Gym & Studio Class Registration

We are currently recruiting for our month to month classes...

We are delighted to announce that we are currently accepting new members into our classes.


Classes available in dance, stage school, tumbling and cheerleading. 

We have something to suit everyone from ages 3 to adults. 


REGISTER NOW by clicking on the button to access the parent portal (you will be asked to log in if you have a parent portal or create one if you don't) 

If you do not see a class that you would like to attend or if your class is unavailable please email and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 






What our families have to say

I just had to write a quick note to say when it comes to Stage Schools Thunderstruck is amazing and I would highly recommend it for children/young adults who want to pursue a career in acting/dancing or who just love to act/dance. 

It's a family orientated atmosphere where all teacher's coach, enable, give confidence and encouragement to each student. It's inspiring to see the enthusiasm and delight on the faces of all students. 

The activities they can participate in like summer camp, movie night, various shows throughout the year and community events aswell as weekly classes makes this a fantastic arts school. 

It is extremely well organised and run. Thunderstruck were quick to adapt (and go above and beyond) in the recent Covid crises, moving to online classes to make sure the students could still do what they loved and have some normality at a crazy time.

My 4yr old son has come on immensely in confidence and social skills aswell as acting and dancing since joining a year ago. He also takes part in the Hip hop class and is eager for each one. 

I give 5 stars *****

Suzanne (Theatre Tot Parent)

We couldn't possible thank Amy, Linda,  Andrew and all the teachers at Thunderstruck enough. Our eldest daughter was painfully shy when she first started in their gymnastics call 4 years ago. After a few months she asked to join stage school. Tori now has so much confidence that she has had lead parts in shows and singing solos. Her confidence has benefited every part of her life especially in school. Our youngest daughter was the opposite totally wired but stage school has given her an outlet and prepared her for primary school. Its benefited them both so much and in totally different ways. Also the zoom and online classes through lock down were a life saver for us and gave our girls something else to focus on.

Thank you all,

Jenny and Jimmy (Theatre Tots & Theatre Junior Parents)

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